Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Genesee Education Foundation is to promote, sponsor, and carry on educational, scientific, and charitable activities and objectives. Specifically and exclusively, the foundation is organized to promote and develop the ability of the Genesee, Idaho school system to train students for vocational, professional, and business careers through the high school level, by promoting a close mutual relationship between the Genesee school system and its alumni and friends, and by soliciting and receiving funds and other gifts to be used for such purposes as the purchase of books, equipment and supplies; the endowment of scholarships to institutions of higher learning for worthy students; the establishment of special facilities, including such things as special groups and lecturers of any and all types for the benefit of the Genesee school system, its faculty, and students; and for such other purposes as will better enable the Genesee school system to perform its fundamental education functions.

The images above are all the projects that have been funded by the Genesee Education Foundation.

Jazz Festival

Major emphasis will be placed on building the endowment through gifts, both current and deferred. The Genesee School District central office staff can provide more detailed information to you.

Contact Information

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Genesee School Phone Number: (208) 286-1161

Genesee School Fax: (208) 285-1495

Genesee School Address: 330 West Ash Street