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  • Classroom Planning Document – Joe Bartosz


    Map School-Wide Expectations to Classroom Rules & Routines


     School-wide Expectation  Positive Respect Integrity Dependable Excellence
    Expected Student Behaviors in Your Classroom  Be Positive Respect people, things, and this place.  Do the right thing  Be responsible for your actions and your learning  Always do your best.



    Classroom Routine



    Student Routine

    Teacher Routine

    Entering Classroom

    • Get out work materials and sit at table without prompts.
    • Begin any independent work without prompts. If you are in my room and clock time on your computer shows class is starting, you should be ready for class and ready to learn.
    • Greet students with positive attitude and “I notice” statements.
    • Take attendance.
    • Give expectations for the day.
    • Give PRIDE tickets for students who enter and begin work without prompts.

    Exiting Classroom

    • Stay in seat working (not lined up at door) until class ends according to computer clock.
    • Exit the classroom in an orderly fashion.
    • No early dismissals (11:50 on Fridays when I have lunch duty; 11:53 for juniors/seniors; 11:55 for everybody else).
    • Acknowledge PRIDE actions with PRIDE tickets for students who have stayed on task.

    Other (seatwork, group work, transition time, etc.)

    • Work without disrupting others.
    • When working with others, respect others’ ideas and opinions without interruptions.
    • Phone in silent mode. It can be used for music or specific class activity, not for checking phone messages or other non-class uses.
    • Laptop is for school work only. No games, youtube, etc.
    • Speak without using words that hurt Mrs. Bardwell’s ears (cuss words).
    • Provide help if needed.
    • Keep students on task.
    • Acknowledge students who work well without prompts with words and PRIDE tickets.
    • Pre-correct, redirect and re-teach for those who have difficulties.
    • Quarter fine or cleaning time before/after school for cuss words.

    Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

    (Align with school-wide system)


    What inappropriate behaviors might you see in your classroom for each level?

    What action would you take?

    Level 1 Minor (behaviors that impact primarily the student):

    • Not prepared (books, homework assignments, pencil)
    • Talking out of turn
    • Off-task behavior
    • Inappropriate laptop use (1st time)
    • Debrief
    • Re-teach
    • ODR
    • Loss of laptop
    • 3 minors 1 wk=major

    Level 2 Minor (behaviors that interfere with the learning of others):

    • Constant talking
    • Not following directions
    • Inappropriate laptop use
    • Debrief
    • Reteach
    • Change student location
    • ODR
    • Loss of laptop
    • Time Out
    • Parent contact 3 minors 1 wk=major

    Level 3 Major (behaviors that affect an orderly or safe environment):

    • Teasing others
    • Cheating
    • Bullying
    • Inappropriate language
    • Insubordination
    • Debrief, ODR
    • Parent contact
    • Loss of privilege
    • Major office referral form

    Level 4 Major (harmful/illegal behaviors):

    • Fighting
    • Self-harm or threatening harm to others

    • Remove from classroom to office
    • Major office referral form
    • Principal contact
    • Parent contact