• The main goals of Spanish class are: 

    • to learn about and reflect on your own culture as well as other cultures;
    • to be able to communicate effectively with people from other cultures;
    • to be able to communicate in Spanish while being a risk-taker; 
    • to compare and contrast languages and cultures.

    The most important goal of all is communication! Students are encouraged to take the risk of speaking Spanish as much as possible, keeping in mind that making mistakes is normal and part of the language acquisition process. Acquiring a second language is similar to acquiring the first language. Children first learn to understand English, then start speaking it when they have something to communicate.

    Acquiring another language takes time, practice, and effort. The more the students can listen to Spanish and read Spanish, the more of the language they will acquire, and at their own pace.

    If there are any questions about Spanish class or your student’s progress, please feel free to send me an email (bcasey@sd282.org) or leave a voicemail, (extension 216) and I will be glad to get back to you. I would be happy to meet with parents, guardians, family members and students if arranged in advance. 

    I will be updating the information periodically, and if you have any websites or resources that you recommend, please feel free to share: bcasey@sd282.org.

    I very much look forward to a great school year!


    Attached, please find a document that explains Spanish Class Expectations in more detail. Thank you!

    Welcome to Spanish Class!