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    Help Desk Ticket Priorities:

    1 - High

    High priority issues are items that affect the whole building and receive immediate attention until fully resolved.  Examples of priority 1 - High issues are:

    • District down
    • Internet down
    • Wi-Fi down
    • Printing down
    • Lumen down 

    2 - Medium

    Medium priority issues are common day-to-day issues that affect individuals or small groups of users.  Examples of Priority 2 - Medium issues are:

    • PC/Laptop/iMac/Chromebook/iPad won't start, log on, or connect to Wi-Fi/internet
    • Individual printer won't start or print
    • Peripheral device not working (LCD Projector, document camera, SmartBoard, etc.)
    • Individual software title not installed
    • Individual software title not working (Office, Adobe, LanSchool, iStation, Seesaw, etc.) 

    3 - Low

    Low priority issues are items that include configuration of computer or software settings, moving technology around your classroom, or individual/small group trainings.  Examples of Priority 3 - Low issues are:

    • Changing the display resolution on a PC or LCD Projector
    • Cleaning the filter on an LCD projector
    • Changing the default template when Microsoft Word opens or where it saves documents.
    • Individual training on how to create and share Google docs