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September Report

Secondary Report September 2021


  • Academics
  • First round of progress reports (D/ F) will go out on Sept. 21st
  • Numbers for dual credit courses will be determined later. Numbers for online courses are up, should have a more definitive number in October.


  • Activities
    • Back to School night was created through teacher welcome videos on the school teacher web pages. Teachers felt this was a great way to introduce themselves and hopefully catch more people since it will be posted for a couple of months at least.
    • FFA and 4H students will be participating in Latah County Fair next week. There are some students with horses that participate in the Palouse Empire Fair this week, and some Nez Perce County students who participate in the NPC Fair the following week.



  • Athletics
  • VB Teams have 20 girls out for VB
  • FB teams have 21 boys out for FB
  • JH FB has 27 boys out for FB
  • JH VB starts on Sept. 21st


  • Vision 21
    • First day of school activity was very successful. We have adjusted the color teams and advisors for this year, and we introduced all of the students to their new groups. Students participated in “field-day” type team-building activities for the morning, getting to know one another and working together. Teachers BBQed lunch for the students and the afternoon students went to their classes. On day #2 8-12 graders were issued their laptops. Everyone participated fully and it was a great way to start the year. A more normal start, and our intent was to get students in ASAP with teachers and establishing connections and routines right away.
    • Face to Fridays (aka CORE Project curriculum) will start on Sept. 10. We are changing up the rotations this year, so every group will rotate through to go through lessons with each advisor group. The Face to Face Fridays will occur on the Fridays we’re in school.