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February Report

Secondary Report February 2022

  • Academics
  • First Semester pass rate was 95% 129/136 students passed all of their classes.


  • Here are the pass rates from each semester. 1/15-99.25%, 6/15-97%, 1/16-96.6%, 6/16-97%, 1/17-91%, 6/17-96%, 1/18-96%, 6/18-96%, 1/19-94% 6/19-94% 1/20-96% 6/20-95% 1/21-92% 6/21-95% 1/22-95%. As I’ve said many times, we are very consistent in Genesee, which is a testament to the stability of the district. Steady families, steady staff, and a stable learning environment lend itself to consistent scores. The teachers need to be commended for their dedication and flexibility to help students help themselves and complete what was needed to pass classes, especially with the COVID spike in mid-January.


  • I have been keeping track of the percentage of students with all grades of “C” or higher. This semester was 112/142 students for 79%. Here is the history of those rates. 1/15-79%, 6/15-86.5%, 1/16-82%, 6/16-85%, 1/17-78%,   6/17-84%   1/18-81%, 6/18-82%, 1/19-86% 6/19-82% 1/20-78% 6/20-86.8% 1/21-79% 6/21-89%  1/22-84%.    


  • The dual credit numbers are in for this year. Fall semester 38 students took 278 credits, which includes some online courses, the Microeconomics 202, US History 112, Govt 101, Math 137, Pre-Calc 147 and Calculus 170. Spring semester we have 14 students taking new classes for 40 credits. All of the year-long classes for Juniors and Seniors, were registered in first semester, which is a switch from previous years. Focusing on the seniors we have 21/26 seniors taking dual credit courses, and will average 13.3 credits per person upon graduation. For the seniors who are actually taking the dual credit courses, that raises the number of credits to 16.2 per student. The highest number of credits will be 30 and the lowest 1, with 14/22 in the 21 range, which has been our goal all along.


  • Online courses have started to level off with around 40 students taking online classes in the busy semester. Some students are figuring out they can get a college course out of the way in HS, some are taking courses to specifically benefit a skillset, and some are taking courses they think (or know) are easier (than classes from our teachers) or simply want an option we don’t offer. I want to commend Mr. Scripter for taking on the additional work load and spending the majority of his time in January to trying to stay on top of the online courses that our students are taking. Things are going well.


  • Junior students took the ASVAB test on January 25th.


  • Seniors are completing the choice of their project for Senior Projects class. I will have a list of projects for the March meeting.


  • Activities
  • Student Participation Rates
    • Sports & Activities overall 92%
    • Sports 75%
    • IDFY 62 %
    • FFA 57%
    • BPA 22%
    • Band 53%
    • Choir 10%
  • Team GPA’s are very close to GPA’s from recent years.
  • BPA had 20/20 students qualify for state (100%) and several in multiple events.
  • Athletics
  • Girls District Tournament began Feb. 3rd for Genesee. We were the 8th  seed and went to Prairie (lost) and then to Potlatch and lost. Girls season is over. In my estimation it will be between Lapwai, Prairie and Troy.
  • Boys basketball District Tournament begins on Feb. 16th. Genesee most likely is the 7th seed this year, and will travel to the #2 seed on Feb. 16th. The rest of the tournament will be held at Lewiston HS. BB Districts will continue through Feb. 25th.
  • JH Bball begins February 10th.
  • Spring sports first practice will be February 28th.


  • Vision 21
    • We have been continuing with the Face to Face Fridays, and it has been going well. Students have been participating and the majority seem to be enjoying the interaction and format. It’s been nice to be able to hold lessons consistently this year.


  • Hanson and Mr. Hardie went over the historical aspects of Human Rights this year, using a Kahoot to check for understanding after going over information in class. Mr. Hardie had wrapped up Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry with the 8th graders where they discussed human rights throughout the story.


  • We will be holding the 2nd set of passion lessons with teachers this Friday afternoon. HS students have signed up for mini workshops with teachers, doing things the teachers are passionate about. Here is the list:


The purpose of the passion lessons is for teachers to share something (outside of school) they are passionate about and share it with the students. This is another way for students and teachers to make connections with interests they may share, in areas that are not taught inside the school. Passion Lessons will take place on Friday afternoon, February 11th 5th - 7th hours in the school building.

Please sign up for the lesson you are most interested in, and then your 2nd choice and so on. We will let students know what group they're in on Tuesday, February 8th. Here is a brief description of the lessons.

Paint & Cocoa --Sperber’s room. Mrs. Sperber & Ms. Johnson
Painting a canvas print with directed assistance and enjoying hot cocoa while you paint!

Traeger Appetizers—outside school next to Derting’s classroom. Mr. Derting & Mr. Hanson
Learning how to make appetizers using a pellet fed barbeque

Sausage from start to finish—Ag Shop. Mr. Morrow & Mr. Caldwell
Cutting, grinding, stuffing and turning meat into bulk & link sausage

Travel Tips & Tricks—Library. Mrs. Waisanen & Mrs. Casey
Exploring travel internationally & domestic, travel safety, and tips for the ease of travel, including your pet.

A Little Peace & Quiet—Mr. Barham’s classroom. Mr. Barham
Sometimes the noise of life, the demands to be attentive, to be productive, to be social are such that our
greatest passion is in the moments of quiet, where no one asks anything from us and where we ask nothing
from them besides to be alone with our own thoughts.

If the above seems appealing to you, consider joining the group in Mr. Barham’s class to independently
read, draw, even meditate, and for a while, shut out the noise. Please leave your digital devices at the door
(or in your bag) unless pre-approved by Mr. Barham (primarily for digital books).
Bring (quiet) snacks and drinks to share!

Mario Cart Tournament—Mr. Bartosz’s classroom. Mr. Bartosz
Mr. Bartosz will set up a Mario Cart Tournament in his classroom, come play and have fun.


The JH Students are going bowling at Orchard Lanes as part of their Bowling unit in PE. Thank you to Orchard Lanes for letting the students bowl!


  • Rec District update
    • Waiting for the weather to cooperate to allow the landscape company to complete projects that they were working on last summer.
    • The old FB/BB scoreboard has been taken down, along with the I-beams that will be reused for the new pivoting structure that will support the new BB/FB scoreboard. The beams have been welded, and they’re working on the pivoting portion now. We plan to have the new scoreboard up and ready to go for baseball in April. This is very exciting!
    • The Rec District also purchased ECO-blocks to hold field materials for continual maintenance. These will be set up at the South end of the driveway near Cow Creek. Dirt, sand, and field conditioner will be stored in the block stalls.
    • We are ordering a piece of netting to go over the area between the SB fields to stop foul balls from being a spectator hazard.