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                             Secondary Report January 2020

  • Academics
  • Fall semester ends with finals January 21-23.
  • Dual credit for Calculus, Government, US History and Math 137 and 147, English 175, and Ag 258 will be addressed with students after second semester begins.
  • Scripter organized a Genesee Alumni Career day for Dec. 20th and then a Genesee Alumni College day for January 6th. Both events went really well and students felt like it was a good use of their time. Mr. Scripter did a really nice job of framing the questions for people to use in their presentations, and the alumni were happy to come back and present. We had a really nice balance between different types of occupations.


  • Activities
    • 8th grade Drama will present their play on Jan. 21
    • FFA Regional Contest on Jan. 24th
    • Spring Semester begins on January 27th     
    • All-State Music is January 29-Feb. 1. We have 1 student going to All-State.


  • Athletics
  • Girls basketball has 4 home games left Districts will begin on February 4th
  • Boys basketball has 3 home games left and Districts begin on February 18th
  • JH Bball will begin February 10th



  • Vision 21
    • There will be a PRIDE Assembly on January 31st. We will also recognize students with perfect attendance and zero tardies for Fall semester.
    • Dodgeball was very fun in December, students had a great time.
    • CORE lessons are going well. Teams know who is in their group and there have been good comments about the discussions that are occurring in the weekly lessons.


Secondary Report December 2019

  • Academics
  • Four weeks left in the semester
  • December 19th will be the final D/F grade report for the semester
  • Seniors Economic Summit will be in St. Maries on Dec. 18th
  • Scripter is organizing a panel presentation for the students on Dec. 20th to hear about career options from Genesee graduates.
  • Scripter is organizing a panel presentation for college experiences from Genesee graduates on January 7th or 8th too. We’ll report back on both of these events in the January board meeting.
  • Finals will be January 21-23.
  • Hardie and Mr. Hanson will be organizing activities for Human Right’s day in January.
  • Dual credit for Calculus 170, Government 101, US History, Math 137, Math PT103, Pre-calc and Trig 147, Psychology, Ag Ed 258 and English 175 will be addressed with students after break.


  • Activities
    • JH/HS Choir in UI Holiday Concert was on Dec. 13th
    • JH/HS Winter Concert on Dec. 19th
    • Blood Drive at the school are being scheduled for January 21st. HOSA students will be managing the drives this year.
    • 8th grade Drama will present their play on Jan. 21
    • BPA Regional Contest on Dec. 16th
    • FFA CDE will be on January 24th


  • Athletics
  • GB and BB are both in full swing girls have 24 players, boys have 17
  • JH Bball will begin around February 11th
  • Vision 21
    • The annual afternoon dodgeball tournament will take place in the afternoon on Friday, December 20.
    • The next PRIDE Assembly will be held January 31st.


Secondary Report November 2019


  • Academics
  • Mid-semester grade reports went out prior to conferences.
  • The mid semester low grade numbers were slightly better than years past at this time, the difference being less “F” grades. Students have risen to the new standard.
  • P/T conferences were held 11/7 and 11/8. I witnessed many parents in the building on the secondary side, and know that teachers have been using a variety of ways of communicating with parents about student progress.
  • Activities
    • FFA Extemp, Creed and Greenhand on Nov. 8th   
    • Veteran’s Assembly is Nov. 11th at 9:30am. ASB officers are holding a lunch for the veterans after the assembly at the senior center.


  • Athletics
  • VB team finished 3rd in the state tournament, but gave their best effort working through injuries! The Genesee VB program helped raise over $2500 to the Bosom Buddies Foundation! The team had an outstanding season! We would like to thank Coaches Crowley, Davis and Woods for their dedication to the volleyball program.
  • FB team finished up 7th place in league. The team never gave up and kept playing hard despite injuries during the season. We would like to thank Coaches Sperber, Rossebo, Akin, and Schnebly for their commitment to the football program.
  • JH FB has finished their season. The players worked hard throughout the season and showed improvement, with lots of positives for next year.
  • JH VB finishes on Nov. 14th and has had a great season as well. Lots of participation and noticeable improvement as the season has progressed. We would like to thank Coach Sperber and Coach Johnson for their continued commitment to coach the girls. Fun fact—Mrs. Sperber & Ms. Johnson started the JH VB program 30 years ago this year. What a commitment to our kids and the VB program!
  • Girls Basketball has begun with 25 girls turning out to play. We are trying to schedule 10 C-team games for the season. This is an increase from last year. Their first game will be Nov. 18 vs Logos.
  • Boys Basketball begins Nov. 15th and we project over 16 boys out for basketball, which is down a couple from last year.
  • We have been able to install the Pixellot camera system at the FB field. We have filmed a couple of games with the system, and have been making adjustments trying to clean up the picture quality. I have visited with PNW about a partnership where they could provide a more than sufficient bandwidth connection and in turn receive advertising on the screen template. We have tried using the bus barn and need more bandwidth than we can get at the bus barn without a significant price increase. PNW has agreed to work with us on this project, and Bill Newbry personally purchased an additional point to point system that will work at the FB and SB fields when we have another camera in the future. We hope to have the inside pixellot system up and running in the gym before Nov. 18th when Girls Bball games begin.


  • Vision 21
    • Community give-back day was held November 11th. This year the students and staff worked in senior citizens yards, and many other projects throughout the community, including landscaping at the Fire Dept, and work at the Genesee Rim Riders arena and local churches too.
      • It was a great day of work by the students and staff. I would like to commend the staff on being so flexible and making it work for the students as some of the jobs changed. I would like to commend the students for coming to school prepared for the weather and digging in to help make a difference in our community.
      • Many, many compliments from people in the community, they really appreciate the work done by the students and staff.
    • Rec District Update
      • The baseball field has been hydro-seeded and sprinklers have been blown out and winterized. Hopefully we’ll see some grass growing before winter sets in.
      • Jay Meyer, Jay Scharnhorst, Trevor Stout, Steve Granlund and others put in a catch tank and line to pump water from back of baseball field to Cow Creek—Thank you!


Secondary Report October 2019


  • Academics
  • 2nd round of deficient progress reports went out October 8th.


  • PSAT Wednesday, October 16th.


  • Senior Financial Aid night will be October 28th.


  • Parent conferences will be held Nov. 7th & 8th. Knowing that teachers are contacting students regularly, I will still send out an email to parents to


  • Student laptops seem to still be working well.


  • Activities
    • The Music Department Fund-raiser Rocktoberfest was held in the new Fire Hall on October 5th. The event was well attended and the community was very generous with their support. Rocktoberfest has turned into a great annual Fall event.


  • The FFA Chapter just finished their annual potato, onion and legumes fund-raiser. The students going to Nationals have been working hard selling concessions to help pay for their trip as well.


  • Homecoming activities occurred last week (Oct. 7-11). Great participation all around. Over 80% of the students dressed up each day, and the dance and game was were well attended.


  • UI Homecoming Parade and game will be held Saturday, October 19th. The Band and Cheer squad will participate in the parade and possibly the pre-game show.


  • Athletics
  • The Varsity Volleyball team won the Pea & Lentil Tournament held in Gensee on October 5th. It’s the first time in a few years the bulldogs have won the tournament. A great day of Volleyball.
  • Spike 4 a Cure was held October 8th in Troy. The match was competitive, and fun for each of the communities. Troy won the match, Genesee won the coin drive, and Troy won the spirit portion this year. Preliminary figures showed over $2500 raised for the Gritman Bosom Buddies organization.


  • The VB team is currently 2nd in league, and will most likely be the #2 seed in the district tournament. District tournament will be Oct. 19, 21, 22 and 23 at LCSC.


  • VB State is November 1-2 at Lapwai HS or Lewiston HS depending if Lapwai is in the state tournament.


  • FB team has 3 remaining regular season games. We play at Potlatch, Kendrick (Military appreciation) and Troy (sr night) November 1st. The league takes 3 teams to the state playoffs this year, and with losses to Prairie, CV and Lapwai we are out of playoff contention.


  • JH FB has 1 game left, this Thursday vs Troy. They are currently 1-4 and trying to put it all together.


  • JH VB has 16 girls participating. Games began Oct. 14th and run through Nov. 14th


  • Vision 21
    • The first PRIDE Assembly of the year will be held October 25th.
    • Planning for community give-back day will take place over the next three weeks. The date for Community give-back day has not yet been finalized. If you know of people that could use some help, or a project in the community the students could assist with please let Mr. Caldwell know.


  • Rec District update
    • The company working on the baseball field has fenced, installed irrigation system and hydro-seeded the baseball field as well as the area outside of the fences behind the little league and softball fields. There is still other work to be completed before play can occur on the baseball field, but things are getting closer. Hopefully the grass will take root before winter sets in.


Secondary Report September 2019


  • Academics
  • First round of progress reports (D/ F) will go out on Sept. 17th
  • IEN Calculus class is up and running, students with Potlatch.
  • Numbers for dual credit courses will be determined later. Numbers for online courses are up, should have a more definitive number in October.


  • Activities
    • Back to School night was held August 28th
    • FFA and 4H students will be participating in Latah County Fair this week
    • Ropes course field trip planned for 9th grade on September 26th


  • Athletics
  • VB Teams have 23 girls out for VB
  • FB teams have 16 boys out for FB
  • JH FB has 14 boys out for FB
  • JH VB starts on Sept. 18th


  • Vision 21
    • First day of school activity was very successful. The team building activity involved the color teams making a team flag to use throughout the year. The students worked together to create their flag and got to know each other a little better too. The flags were unveiled by each team after lunch. Teachers BBQed lunch for the students and the afternoon students went to their classes. At the end of the day 8-12 graders were issued their laptops. Everyone participated fully and it was a great way to start the year.
    • The CORE Project curriculum will start on Sept. 10 and we had a kickoff assembly on Sept. 3rd with all 7-12 grade students to get the focus started. The three main points were 1) take care of yourself 2) take care of others  3) Step out of your comfort zone. Eric Moody from the CORE Project was the speaker and all students were involved in the acitivites.


Secondary Report August 2019

  • Academics
    • Year in review 96% pass rate in 18-19 which is steady from 17-18 school year.
    • The C or better rate was 87% for the 18-19 school year which is 3.5% higher than 17-18 year. We have seen a 6% increase in C or better rate since implementing new grading scale.


  • Activities
    • GHS Open House will be August 28 from 6:30-8pm
    • School picture day is September 6th ?? Still checking
    • Latah County Fair is September 11-15 PD day(no school) on 12th and no school on 9/13
  • Athletics
    • Fall sports have begun.
    • 18 out for FB first game Sept 7th at vs Valley at Middleton.
    • 21+ girls out for VB, Aug 29th is first match against Lapwai. JV and V both have tournaments on Sept 7th Genesee and Lewiston respectively.
    • There are many students out for cheer.
    • JH FB starts August 20th, and JHVB starts September 18.


  • Vision 21

The first day of school will involve a team building activity with the color groups, and the teachers will BBQ lunch for students. Students will get to go to each class for a few minutes in the afternoon


  • District Update
    • A company has been hired to install outfield baseball fence, sprinkler system for baseball, sealing baseball and SB dugouts, seeding outside fence area behind SB fields.
    • Baseball field will be hydro-seeded this Fall by same company.
    • Fields will be plugged and grass seed broadcast in area outside of fences this fall.


Secondary Report June 2019

  • Academics
  • IEN Courses that will be available next year.
    • Calculus (already agreement with Potlatch, Troy and Nezperce)
  • Teachers are finalizing dual credit agreements for next year. There are other classes teachers are looking into as well that may be offered for dual credit.
    • Math 137-LCSC
    • Calculus 170-LCSC
    • American Govt. --Political Science 101-LCSC
    • US History -LCSC
    • Psychology-LCSC
    • Math 147 Pre-Calc-LCSC
    • English 175 Survey of Literary Genres-UI
    • Econ 201-LCSC
    • Ag Leadership 258-UI
  • We have several courses that are CTE courses through LCSC as well.
  • Business Computer Apps II
  • Web Design
  • Advanced Ag Welding
  • Math PT103
  • Many online CNA/health courses
  • 100% of the students who took the CTE Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment passed = great for CTE funding    
  • Activities
    • The Genesee FFA Chapter had a great banquet and elected officers for the 19-20 year.
    • Student Awards Assembly was held on May 23, with awards for all types of academic efforts as well as accolades from various clubs, presented by teachers.
    • Congratulations to Kendra Murray who was named the IHSAA 1A Interscholastic Star for 2019. Kendra will be recognized at the IHSAA HOF Banquet in Boise on July 31st.
    • 63 students in grades 7-12 went to Silverwood for the day as part of the IDFY club activities.
    • The Spring play by the HS Theater class performed for two nights-a murder mystery
    • Genesee Spring Cabaret was nice with many talented performers.
    • School Belize trip coming up on June 14th. There will be 34 Genesee people attending, 26 students, 4 chaperones and 4 adult travelers. There will be a group of about 11 from Tillamook OR joining us on the trip.


  • Athletics
    • Emerson Parkins 2nd in the 100m
    • Jeffrey Waisanen 3rd in the High Jump
    • Zach Frasure 4th in the Discus
    • Julian Schreiber 5th in the 400m
    • Dawson Durham 5th in the High Jump
    • 4 x 200m relay 5th runners Dawson, Jeffrey, Kyle, and Jon
    • 4 x 400m relay 3rd runners Dawson, Jon, Kyle, Julian
    • The Baseball team lost in the first round of the district tournament.
    • The Softball team finished 3rd in league, 3rd seed to the state tournament, and finished 4th in the state tournament. I can’t say thank you enough for all of the community help with the fields and the wet weather!
    • Genesee was 2nd in the Schools of Excellence Program through the IHSAA this year. This is awesome considering we didn’t win a state championship, and our girls teams were the only teams to make it to the state tournament, with the exception of individuals in Track


  • Vision 21

Fun Run on June 5th went well. We followed the Fun Run with the Final PRIDE Assembly, which involved teacher trivia. Students were recognized for perfect attendance, we had 4 students with perfect attendance the year. Students were also recognized for being on time (no tardies) with a complimentary candy bar. 48% students in grades 7-11 with zero tardies for spring semester. This was down slightly from last year.


SWPBIS--Thank you to Mr. Morrow for organizing the PRIDE Assemblies this year. We didn’t have as many assemblies this year with all of the weather interruptions. We will re-visit the assemblies with the ASB and see what they would like to do differently for next school year, looking at 1 per quarter.


1:1 devices were collected by class advisors as part of the check-out process for the end of the school year. The new machines for the most part have held up well for year number 1, although we have some keyboard issues. We are now out of the ACER warranty, so now it will be the Costco Concierge warranty—still a learning process. We’ve had a couple of meeting with Mr. Bayer and have good plans in place for summer work.


  • District Update
    • Baseball field dugouts and backstop concrete work has been completed. The Backstop poles are being installed June 6th. We are taking bids for fencing, irrigation and then we will hydroseed once completed. Hope to have all portions of this completed by Otcober.
    • Replacing banners with the wind-flap banner style so they’ll handle the weather better.


Secondary Report May 2019

  • Academics
  • ISAT Testing will wrap up this week.
  • Final D/F Progress reports went out on Tuesday, May 14th
  • JH Track meet on May 14th to finish track unit in PE.
  • Senior project presentations are occurring now through May 23rd. Open House for the Senior projects will be on May 29th in the multi-purpose room from 7:30-9:00am
  • Graduation is June 1st 11am—Board members are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Senior Finals May 28-30, end of school finals May 31st - June 4


  • Activities
    • JH Band competed in Spokane Jr. Lilac Parade on May 11th
    • Spanish Club Dinner on May 15th
    • HS Band will be participating in the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade this Saturday
    • Blood Drive on May 21st in the 11:30am-4:30pm at the school
    • Awards Assembly will be held May 23rd at 11:00am in the gym
    • HS Drama performances will be held May 22-23
    • IDFY Silverwood Day is May 30th
    • JH/HS Spring Cabaret is May 30th  


  • Athletics
  • Softball District Tournament was held last Thursday in Genesee at 3/5pm. Genesee came out of the tournament as the #3 seed into the State Tournament. Potlatch #1, Kendrick #2.
  • State Softball will be May 17-18 in Genesee. Genesee will play Greenleaf Friends Academy on Friday at 10am.
  • The Baseball team lost in the first round of the District Baseball Tournament last week, congrats on a good season.
  • Track Regionals were last Friday and Saturday at Kamiah HS. 12 students qualified, 4 girls and 8 boys. Shot Put, Disc, HJ, 100, 200, 400, 800, 110 Hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4 x 200 relay, 4 x 400 relay.
  • State Track will be at Middleton HS on May 17 and 18.
  • A HUGE Thank You to Harlan Douglass and Douglass Properties for the donation of funds to purchase new uniforms for the Softball Team. Harlan is a friend of Coach Malcom, and wanted to donate to the team he is coaching—what a blessing!


  • Vision 21/SWPBIS
    • Final PRIDE Assembly will be held last day of school after the FUN RUN.
    • K-12 FUN-RUN and BBQ will be held on the morning of the last day of school.


  • District update
    • District SB and State SB will be hosted at the SB fields. More gravel has been added for more parking as well as the alley way for bus parking. Jay & Jody Meyer have been hired to maintain fields (mowing, weeding etc). Work will begin on fencing, sprinkler system and hydro-seeding in late June.
    • Jim Woods accepted a new position with Avista located in the Cheney area, and they will be moving soon. If you see Jim please extend a thank you to him for all of the time and effort he has put in to helping make our rec complex a reality.
    • We’re also purchasing new wind flap banners to replace the ones getting shredded by the wind.


Secondary Report April 2019

  • Academics

 Juniors took the SAT on April 9th

    • ISAT Testing occurs from April 1 - May 10. We’re holding all tests in the lab this year, we’ll see how it goes. So far things have gone smoothly.
    • Local Scholarship Deadline for Seniors is April 25th
    • Career Class Job Shadow Day is on April 29th
    • Spanish Club Dinner will be in early May in Clarkston



  • Activities
    • 16 students went to FFA SLC on April 2. Freshman parli team placed 3rd in Parli-Pro.
    • JH and HS bands participate in the District music festival on April 24th and 17th respectively
    • JH/HS Spring Concert is on April 29th This will also be Brayden’s senior project.
    • FFA Banquet is Friday, May 3rd.


  • Athletics
  • Softball is in full swing. Regular season through May 4th
  • Baseball is in full swing as well, regular games through May 4th
  • Track regular season meets through May 4th




  • Vision 21/SWPBIS
    • The color groups started the CORE Project curriculum lessons on March 19. Color groups have had lessons involved making connections, vision, and effective communication.


  • District update
    • Baseball field dugouts should be completed in the next 2 weeks weather permitting. We will use new baseball field next year.
    • Decorative rock barrier has been put along the grass to help separate parking and the fields. Several loads of gravel and decorative rocks have been brought in.


Secondary Report March 2019

  • Academics
    • D/F progress reports will run on March 12th, and any parent of a student with a D or F in one of our face to face classes will be contacted via email about teacher conferences. The online courses they are already contacted by the teacher.
    • Spring conferences will be held March 21st and 22nd. We encourage parents that want to see a specific teacher to schedule a time.
  • Activities
    • Music students participated in the Jazz Festival a couple of weeks ago on Friday and Saturday. All groups performed at a high level and had a great experience.
    • The Jazz Concert with the University of Idaho was postponed, and we’re hoping to reschedule for April 15. Still waiting for a confirmation.
    • 23 students participated in Boise at the State BPA conference last week, and ____ qualified for the national conference.
    • The students in the Ag shop have been working hard making items and projects for the Pitchfork Fondue. The metal art is really taking off in the Ag shop. The Greenhouse class has been busy planting all kinds of flowers and vegetables. They partnered their buying with Nezperce and were able to get many more varieties and not be stuck with huge quantities of just a couple of plants.


  • Athletics
  • JH Bball has begun, and games will run through the end of the month. The schedule is set up in mostly quads this season for the whole league. We have 20 girls out for JH Bball and 15 boys out for JH Bball.
  • Spring sports first practice was Feb. 22nd.
    • 12 students are out for Softball-Coach Malcom and Coach Marcell have been working with the team in the gym. First game is March 19th @ Grangeville.
    • 14 students are out for baseball- Kevin Maurer and Justin Podrabsky are coaching this year. First game is March 19th vs Grangeville in Lewiston.
    • 34 students are out for Track- Mr. Sams is coaching, and he is assisted by Bob Schwenne and Kerby Kirkham. First meet is April 6 in St. Maries.
    • We may have some games issues with the late spring coming and all of the snow hanging around. I already know we will have to plan to be flexible to get in our games.




  • Vision 21
    • Several 8th grade students will go in April to SEL in Lewiston on a field trip where students are exposed to science and engineering, along with assembly. This is the fifth year students have participated in this field trip, and SEL has increased the number of students we can bring each year.
    • The Health classes are involved in healthy relationships unit, which includes an abstinence program.
    • Hanson has the tournament of the Romans happening in the World History Class-very interactive while teaching students about the Roman Empire.
    • The Zoology class has been busy dissecting different animals including worms, crawfish and more to come. Students are actively engaged and enjoying the experiments.
    • The Secondary students will be working on the Core Project curriculum the remainder of the school year in color groups. One day each week we will adjust the morning classes to fit in the Core lesson and they each last about 20 minutes. This curriculum is centered around healthy positive relationships and making connections with one another so ALL students feel supported, valued and a part of the school community.


  • Rec District Update
    • Footings for the Baseball backstop and dugouts have been started, but weather has caused delays. More than likely will not play baseball on the new field this spring, we’re just waiting a lot on the weather.


Secondary Report February 2019

  • Academics
  • First Semester pass rate was 94% 135/144 students passed all of their classes.


  • Here are the pass rates from each semester. 1/11-93%   6/11-96%   1/12-99.25%   6/12-96.1%  1/13-96.8%    6/13-97.6%    1/14-96.9%     6/14-95.5%  1/15-99.25%, 6/15-97%, 1/16-96.6%, 6/16-97%, 1/17-91%, 6/17-96%, 1/18-96%, 6/18-96%, 1/19-94%. We only had 1 JH student earn a D in 1 class, all other JH students were C or better in every class!  More and more students use the after school program regularly, and others could benefit from it but don’t take advantage of the opportunity. A letter was sent home to every student who failed a course suggesting the use of the after school program to get assignments completed at school, and teacher assistance when needed.


  • I have been keeping track of the percentage of students with all grades of “C” or higher. This semester was 124/144 students for 86%. Here is the history of those rates. 1/11-83%, 6/11-84%, 1/12-86%, 6-12-82%, 1/13-82%, 6/13-81%, 1/14-86%, 6/14-86%, 1/15-79%, 6/15-86.5%, 1/16-82%, 6/16-85%, 1/17-78%,   6/17-84%   1/18-81%, 6/18-82%, 1/19-86%.    Our “C or better” rate increased this semester, and I believe the success we are seeing with JH students helped to attribute ot this increase.  I also believe we are seeing more accurate numbers with our students.


  • The dual credit numbers are in for this year. Fall semester 48 students took 384 credits, which includes some online courses, the Microeconomics 202, US History 112, Govt 101, Math 137, Pre-Calc 147 and Calculus 170. Spring semester we have 18 students taking new classes for 59 credits. All of the year-long classes for Juniors and Seniors, were registered in first semester, which is a switch from previous years. Focusing on the seniors we have 21/22 seniors taking dual credit courses, and will average 17.86 credits per person upon graduation. For the seniors who are actually taking the dual credit courses, that raises the number of credits to 18.71 per student. The highest number of credits will be 30 and the lowest 3, with 13/21 in the 19+ range, which has been our goal all along.


  • Online courses have started to level off with around 50 students taking online classes in the busy semester. We always add about 15 JH students with an online course in the spring time as well. Some students are figuring out they can get a college course out of the way in HS, some are taking courses to specifically benefit a skillset, and some are taking courses they think (or know) are easier (than classes from our teachers) or simply want an option we don’t offer. I want to commend Mr. Scripter for taking on the additional work load and spending the majority of his time in January to trying to stay on top of the online courses that our students are taking. We have discussed possibly limiting the institution the courses are from (especially dual credit) as well as the list of courses, because adding each course take several minutes, not to mention the student side of it too. So far things are going well.


  • Junior students took the ASVAB test as part of their Careers class activities. They tried to administer the test online like last year, and ended up using traditional method due to tech difficulties on their end.


  • Seniors are completing the choice of their project for Senior Projects class. Here is the list of projects that seniors have decided on thus far.


Project Name

Brooklyn Mayer

Little Miss

Kyle Spence

Computer Game

Zach Frasure

Jazz Band Performance

Winston Durham

Lexile Reading System Conversion

Grace Turpin

Blankets, Hats for Gritman

Payton Sager

Burb Rags, blankets for St. Joes

Jeffery Waisanen

Timeline of GHS for Library Display

Kolby Moser

Hunting Vide

Jon Kopf

Java Video Game

Lane Funke

Restoring '85 Chevy

Emma Kirkham

Elementary Literacy Night

Sterling Douge

BMW Restoration

Brayden Graves

Spring Formal Concert

Sydni Lewis


Daphne Buckland

Days for Girls Donations

Daniel Lindquist

Saturday Basketball

Kaylee Flodin

Father Daughter Dance and Fundraiser

Kelsey Jensen

JH Bball Coach

Sam Nelsen

1951 Pontiac Chieftan

Zach Anderson

Helping Grandma Sell House

Skylar Hicks

Headache Rack for Chevy Pickup

Austin Pope

Predator Trapping Project

Jon Nelsen

Library Collection Development Project




  • Activities
    • Student Participation Rates
      • Sports & Activities overall 97%
      • Sports 72%
      • IDFY 61%
      • FFA 34%
      • BPA 17%
      • Band 54%
      • Choir 21%
    • Team GPA’s are very close to GPA’s from recent years.
    • BPA had 25/26 students qualify for state (96%) and several in multiple events.
    • Music students participate in the Jazz Festival Feb. 21-23. The actual competition days have changed this year to the 22 and 23.
    • Jazz Concert with the University of Idaho will be in Moscow at the UI Music Building on Monday February 25th, 6:30pm.


  • Athletics
  • Girls basketball District Tournament began Jan. 30th for Genesee. We were the 4th seed and finished 3rd in the tournament, then defeated Wallace in the Regional Play-in. State play-in still to be determined.
  • Boys basketball District Tournament begins on Feb. 12th for Genesee. Genesee is the 4th seed this year, and plays CV on Feb. 12th in the first round in Genesee. BB Districts will continue through Feb. 22nd.
  • JH Bball begins February 11th.
  • Spring sports first practice will be Feb. 22nd.




  • Vision 21
    • There was a PRIDE Assembly on January 18th. 17 students completed the semester with perfect attendance, and received $10 Happy Day gift cards and a king size candy bar. This number increased by 10, which is significant for us. Students were also chosen from the raffle and received gifts cards. Mr. Morrow’s Leadership class organized the games part of the assembly and students had fun participating in the games. 94 students (64%) had zero tardies for Fall Semester, and they were recognized and received a snack item. The percentage was 4% higher this year, and in real numbers 10 more students than last year.


  • Hanson and Mr. Hardie planned out the Human Rights Day activity, which involved watching specifically chosen films that dealt with human rights issues. Some films were based on true stories, some not. The students split up based on interest in the films and there was a set of questions used for discussion at the end for each group. The feedback was this was a great exercise and change up from the traditional Human Rights Day information.


  • The school had an assembly for Governor Otter and other dignitaries as part of the “Capitol for a Day” activities for the city of Genesee. The ASB officers did a great job of planning a running the assembly, and then spent the day helping at the fire hall with any assistance they needed. We also had DYW helpers, IHSAA Interscholastic Star helpers and the President from the Cow Creek Kids 4-H chapter. About 9 students spent the day helping. All of the secondary students made it to the fire hall to be a part of the Q & A sessions, and even asked a couple of questions. It was a great experience for our kids and the school.




  • Rec District update
    • Cleveland Construction is building baseball field dugouts.


Secondary Report January 2019

  • Academics
  • Fall semester ends with finals January 15-17.
  • Dual credit for Calculus, Government, US History and Math 137 and 147, English 175, and Ag 258 will be addressed with students after second semester begins.
  • Scripter organized a Genesee Alumni Career day for Dec. 21st and then a Genesee Alumni College day for January 7th. Both events went really well and students felt like it was a good use of their time. Mr. Scripter did a really nice job of framing the questions for people to use in their presentations, and the alumni were happy to come back and present.


  • Activities
    • 8th grade Drama will present their play on Jan. 15
    • BPA Regional Contest on Jan. 18th
    • Spring Semester begins on January 21st    
    • FFA Regional Contest on Jan. 25th
    • All-State Music is January 30-Feb. 2. We have 2 students going to All-State.


  • Athletics
  • Girls basketball has 4 home games left Districts will begin on January 30th
  • Boys basketball has 5 home games left and Districts begin on February 11th
  • JH Bball will begin February 11th



  • Vision 21
    • There will be a PRIDE Assembly on January 17th-TBD. We will also recognize students with perfect attendance and zero tardies for Fall semester.
    • Dodgeball was very fun in December, students had a great time.


Secondary Report December 2018


o   Four weeks left in the semester

o   December 17th will be the final D/F grade report for the semester

o   Seniors Economic Summit will be in St. Maries this week.

o   Mr. Scripter is organizing a panel presentation for the students on Dec. 21stto hear about career options from Genesee graduates.

o   Mr. Scripter is organizing a panel presentation for college experiences from Genesee graduates on January 7th or 8th too. We’ll report back on both of these events in the January board meeting.

o   Finals will be January 15-17.

o   Mr. Hardie and Mr. Hanson will be organizing activities for Human Right’s day in January.

o   Dual credit for Calculus 170, Government 101, US History, Math 137, Math PT103, Pre-calc and Trig 147, Psychology and English 175 will be addressed with students after break. We are adding Ag Ed 258 to the schedule for 2ndsemester as well.


  • Activities

o   We held the Internet Safety meeting for students and parents on Nov. 28th. It was well received by the students and parents that attended. Thank you to Art Lindquist for setting up the presentation, and Eric Kjorness for presenting.

o   JH/HS Choir in UI Holiday Concert was on Dec. 7th

o   JH/HS Winter Concert on Dec. 17th  

o   Blood Drive at the school are being scheduled for January 21st. HOSA students will be managing the drives this year.

o   8thgrade Drama will present their play on Jan. 15

o   BPA Regional Contest on Jan. 18th

o   FFA CDE will be on January 25th  


  • Athletics

o   GB and BB are both in full swing  girls have 20 players, boys have 23

o   JH Bball will begin around February 13th

  • Vision 21

o   The annual afternoon dodgeball tournament will take place in the afternoon on Friday, December 21.

o   The next PRIDE Assembly will be held at the end of the first semester.