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Senior Showcase

Seniors your last year at Genesee High School may not have been what you were expecting, but your community celebrates you and all of your achievements!

Courtesy of the Genesee Bulldog Boosters!

Today's Honored Senior:

Class of 2020

Congratulations Genesee High School Class of 2020!

Your community celebrates you!



Garen Growing Thunder

Garen Ty GrowingThunder

(Parents: Gia Paul and George GrowingThunder)


Garen joined the Genesee Class of 2020 in the sixth grade. Since Garen was a young child he has had a passion for his culture and traveling. Garen's passions have led him to many opportunities including being a part of the first entirely Native American delegation to the National High School Model United Nations as well as attending a Native American Political Studies program at George Washington University. 


Throughout High School Garen participated in Baseball, Cross Country, and Football. Garen was involved in activities such as IDFY, AISES, and UNITY. He also has volunteered for the Genesee Civic Association and works as a Community Support Worker year-round. 


Garen plans to attend the University of Idaho as a Pre-Occupational Therapy major. 


Garen you are a wonderful son whom I am very proud of. You have made life more than enjoyable and I can't wait to watch your next adventures come to fruition. ~Mom


Laura Craig

Laura Lynn Craig 

(Parents Chad and Margo Montgomery) 


Laura has attended Genesee High School since the 8th Grade. She has participated in many extracurricular activities including Volleyball and Cheer her freshman and sophomore year, and Track her sophomore year. She lettered in Cheer twice and track once. She now spends her outside of school time managing Little Caesars in Lewiston. 


Laura loves to listen to music and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family outdoors. She loves going camping, riding four-wheelers, and spending her time at the beach as well. 


Laura is attending Idaho State University this coming fall semester to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. She has always loved brushing her teeth, and when she was a toddler would get angry at her mother for trying to help.


 Emmy Parkins

Emerson Elizabeth Parkins

(Parents Rich and Jennifer Parkins)

Emerson has attended Genesee school since kindergarten. Like most of her classmates, she has taken advantage of many extracurricular activities offered both in elementary and high school. She has always enjoyed challenges and competition starting with music, soccer, Mars Rover and attending Space Camp in elementary school. She is currently a member of National Honor Society, is class representative, and was awarded 'Spirit' of DYW.

Emmy's favorite sport is basketball, she was captain the last 2 years, and she is an accomplished track athlete with state medals and a school record. During jr high and high school, she has also played softball, volleyball, ran cross country, participated in band and choir and has taken as many dual credit and college classes as she could fit in. She will pursue a degree in Physical Therapy, attending Idaho State University in the fall.

It has really been fun watching this class of 2020 grow up and they really are ALL a group of high achieving, kind and fun kids.

When Emerson was born, we described her as 'Pure Joy'. I don't think that has changed. We will miss some of the "lasts" that were anticipated this year, but are looking forward to what comes next and where your ambitions take you. We really are so proud and joy-filled to be your parents.



Bree Klemm

Breeana Jo Klemm

(Parents: Julie Hill and Cody Klemm)

Bree has attended school in Genesee since 11th Grade. Throughout the years she has participated in cheerleading, Girl Scouts, 4-H, choir, and various other activities.

During high school, Bree cheered sideline and competitively, beginning in 7th Grade. She also has been singing in choir since 3rd Grade and got to participate in the 2019 All-State Treble Choir as an Alto 2 in Rexburg. She has always had a passion for music and will continue to pursue it after high school.

Bree plans to attend the University of Idaho and major in Elementary Education. She wants to teach and make music throughout her future.


Bree, you have been our sparkle and we are so proud of the amazing, strong young woman you have become. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you; it will be amazing. Love, Grandma and Terry.




Skyler Tucker


(Parents: Kelly and Anthony Forsyth)

Skyler has attended Genesee Schools since kindergarten. Throughout the years, Skyler has built a lot of long-lasting relationships with classmates and faculty of Genesee. He loves people and is always up for a good laugh. He spends a lot of time helping others, and everyone that knows him knows he is always there to help anyone who needs it.

He has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and never passes up the opportunity to make money while being creative. Skyler is very ambitious and is not afraid of hard work. He loves spending time with his family and friends doing anything outdoors: Hiking, biking, camping, skateboarding, just exploring the world. He loves music, art and anything creative.


He plans to attend LCSC in the fall where he will complete his core class while he decides which career fits him best. We have no doubt that he will be a great success and it will be fun to watch!

We love you more than anything.

Your biggest fans,

Kelly and Anthony


Kendra Murray

Kendra Nicole Murray

(Parents James and Tonya Murray)

Kendra has attended Genesee school since kindergarten. She has always enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, and camping with her family.


Throughout high school Kendra played basketball and volleyball. She found her love for agriculture through the Genesee FFA chapter. She is currently serving as president of the local chapter and was previously the North Idaho District Secretary. Along with FFA, she has been involved in BPA, student government, National Honor Society, IDFY and yearbook.

Kendra will attend the University of Idaho in the fall of 2020. While she hasn’t made up her mind of what she would like to major in, she is sure it will combine her love for travel and economics.




Dakota Thomas

William Dakota Thomas

(Parent Brock Thomas)

Dakota came to Genesee in 7th grade. Dakota loves the outdoors and often talks about living out in the woods. Dakota enjoys traveling to national parks with his family to see the wonders nature has created.

Dakota likes to help people and has always enjoyed making cookies and other holiday treats for people at Christmas time. Dakota has a great smile and is a loyal friend. Dakota turned out for Track this year, it was great to see Dakota involved.

Dakota likes to play Magic: The Gathering, a card-based character game with others through Game Stop, as well as other computer games. Dakota also likes working on computers, assembling and disassembling. Dakota plans to enroll in the Job Corps after High School, working in the field of technology.

Dakota, these last few years have gone by so fast. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow and turn into the nice young man that you have become. We wish you nothing but the best for your future.




Elsie Wahl Wilson

Elsie Victoria Wahl Wilson


(Parents - David Wilson and Lori Wahl)


Elsie began school at Genesee in the eighth grade after moving from Portland, OR. Elsie has always participated in a sport or activity of one kind or another. At three, she started ballet and swimming lessons. Later in grade school, she began baton lessons and competed as a soloist and as part of a team that won an Oregon junior state championship. In junior high, Elsie played soccer and continued with swimming. Having a love for music, Elsie studied piano and played clarinet in the Mt. Tabor Middle School concert and marching bands in Portland.

After the move to Genesee, she continued to develop musically by adding saxophone, percussion, and choir as well teaching herself to play the ukulele. In high school, Elsie has been a distance runner in track, a football and basketball cheerleader, and a member of National Honor Society.

In addition to her school interests, Elsie loves being outside, hiking, exploring, and traveling with her family.


This fall, Elsie will attend the University of Idaho and pursue a major in Early Childhood Development and Education and a Minor in Art with plans to become an elementary teacher.


Elsie, we know you can do whatever you set your mind to do. We are so proud of who you have become and where you are going. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!

We love you!

Mom and Dad



Aubree Grieser

Aubree Johnsy Grieser


(Parents – Brian and Erika Odenborg and Brad and Bonnie Grieser)

Aubree has attended Genesee School since pre-school.  When she was young, she played every sport available and when she got to high school, she devoted her time and energy to volleyball and cheerleading.


Aubree has always loved the outdoors, whether it is camping and four wheeling or spending time by the water with family and friends.


She plans to attend Boise State University in the fall and major in Elementary Education.


Aubree, it has been so much fun and quite an adventure watching you grow up.  The things we are most proud of are how loving and caring you are and the kindness you show others.  We are so amazed by the young woman you are becoming and very excited to see what your future holds.  We love you, Mom and Brian.


We have enjoyed watching you grow into the wonderful person you have become.   It has been a joy to hear your dreams.  We are excited for you as you take the next step to reaching them   We support you with whatever path you take.    You can do anything you set your mind to.   We love you ️ Dad & Bonnie



Hannah Helsing

Hannah Elizabeth Helsing

(Parents Dana & Devanie Helsing)

Hannah began school in Genesee her sophomore year and has a deep passion for horses, history and Bon Jovi! She is a natural musician and artist, and it is always fun to hear and see her latest projects.

For the past three years Hannah has cheered for GHS and has really loved the experience, coaches and team. She also enjoyed participating in band and choir while at GHS. This past year, Hannah and her horse (Betty), found a home at the 49er's Saddle Club in Lewiston where she has participated in different events and is currently the reigning 2020 Rodeo Queen!

Hannah will be attending the University of Arizona in Tucson this fall and is enrolled in the Race Track Industry Program where she will earn a B.S. in Animal Science.

Hannah, you have always been such a strong, independent, motivated, and passionate human who has always marched to the beat of her own drum. I admire that so much about you! The time is coming to spread your wings, baby girl. We pray for your happiness in whatever paths you choose. Words can't express how proud we are of you, Hannah! All our love, Mom and Dad




Byron Chilson


Byron Michael Chilson

(Grandparents/adoptive parents: Michael and Linda Chilson, Dad Scott Chilson (watching from heaven) and mother, Emily Bingman)

Byron attended part of his 1st-grade year, he also attended his 3rd-grade year at Genesee Elementary, during his freshman year he moved up to live with his grandparents and has attended Genesee High since then.

Byron has been active in choir and baseball. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, boating, playing on his uncle's 4-wheelers, and he has a love of music, anything from jazz to modern music.

Byron's plans after graduation are to go out to Montana to help on his uncle's ranch for the summer, and is hoping to enlist in the Army, he plans on becoming an MP.

Helping Byron become the kind and thoughtful young man he is today has been a rewarding adventure. Watching and guiding him as has overcome some real obstacles has been a challenge and a joy. With his drive and determination, we know he will go far.

Byron remember to set goals to accomplish, work towards those goals, but also remember to have some fun while doing it. We love you and are so proud of you -Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Danny, and Your father up above.




Kaitlyn Sager

Kaitlyn Rose Sager

(Parents Bryan Sager and Amanda Sager)

Kaitlyn has attended Genesee High School since Kindergarten. She has participated in many extra-curricular activities which include Pep band, Jazz band, Choir, Cheerleading & Softball.

Kaitlyn loves music and loves to sing. Kaitlyn also enjoys a handful of outdoor activities including camping, rodeo, mushrooming and fishing. She can out fish anyone any day of the week, and not feel the least bit of guilt.

Kaitlyn aspires to pursue a career in animal science such as Veterinary or Zoology. She has also shown interest in the military to gain some world experience and world travel before starting her schooling.

Kaitlyn, I love you and hope you get to see and do all of the things in this world that you dream of. Be strong and assertive, go after what you want, and don't let anything stand in your way. Love - Dad

Katie I am so proud of the young lady you are growing into. You have the world in your hands, don't let anyone or anything get in your way. Always go for your dreams. Love Mom




Dillon Sperber  


(Parents: Tim and Michelle Sperber)

Dillon has been a Genesee Bulldog since Pre-School. Dillon joined the volunteer Fire Department as soon as he turned 18 and has responded as a firefighter to a number of calls since school closed.

Dillon plans to attend Idaho State University in Pocatello to pursue a degree in Fire Science with a Paramedic emphasis.

Throughout high school, Dillon has participated in Football, Basketball, and Track. He is also in various school activities and clubs including BPA, IDFY, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, and student government. Dillon is the Associated Student Body President for 2019-2020.

We are beyond proud of Dillon and have loved watching him grow and pursue his dreams. We are so excited to see how his future unfolds! We know he will do GREAT things!

Love Mom and Dad






Ethan Graves

Ethan Mitchell Graves 

(Parents Brandon and Shoni Graves)

Ethan came to Genesee in the 5th grade. He started flag football the next year in the 6th grade, and thus began his passion for football. He never missed a game since. He worked hard even in the off season, and excelled, lettering in football all four years of high school. He also ran track, and made it to state in hurdles his sophomore and junior years, and lettered all three years. 

Ethan excels off the field as well, as a member of the National Honor Society and four-time national qualifier in BPA. He loves to be outside and enjoys shooting archery with his dad. His sophomore year, he competed in the Idaho State Archery Competition and took State in his division. He is ASB Treasurer for school year, 2019-2020.

This fall, Ethan will attend The University of Idaho’s School of Business to obtain a degree in Finance. Following business school, he plans to go to law school with a desire to work in corporate law.

Brandon and I have been so unbelievably proud to be Ethan’s parents. He has a drive and work ethic unlike anyone we have ever known. Anything he sets his mind to- we know he will somehow accomplish. He sees the word “impossible” as nothing more than a challenge. Even being unilaterally deaf has not slowed him down at all. Most people don’t even know. 

“We are so sorry that you are missing out on the end of your senior year and all that that entails, but we know that you are no stranger to things not going as planned, and you never let it stop you. We know that the future has great things ahead for you Ethan, and we can’t wait to see all that is in store for you!”




Lucas John English

(Parents: Thomas and Jill English)


Lucas English


Luke has attended Genesee since kindergarten. He participated in baseball, basketball, football, and some soccer during his elementary and Junior high years.

During high school, he played basketball but found his outlet with baseball. He managed baseball as an 8th grader. As a freshman, he got the opportunity to come out of his shell and play designated hitter and contributed to the team's state championship run just coming up short after 11 innings. His sophomore year he jumped into second baseman and Genesee got their State championship, during Babe Ruth he started a triple play, hit a home run, and the team won the league championship. Baseball has brought Luke extreme pleasure and confidence.

Luke plans to attend the University of Idaho studying Virtual Technology and Design. He hopes to develop a video game someday.

Luke, you surprise us everyday. You are smart, witty, and have a zest for life. We have enjoyed watching you grow and develop into a responsible, forever moving forward, kind hearted, and loyal adult. Your face shows your emotions especially when you are confused about the world around you. We have faith that you will do well in any endeavor you pursue. Good luck and we love you. Good job...mama is doing her happy dance. Love, Mom and Dad.




 Kassie Cass


Kassie Lynn Cass
(Parents John and Alicia Cass)

Kassie has attended Genesee School since the 8th grade. She enjoys all types of music, leading ghost hunting tours, and has developed into an amazing artist. She has always enjoyed the outdoors, especially swimming and playing summer ASA softball.

Throughout high school, she participated in band, choir, drama, yearbook, has cheered at nearly every football and basketball game over the past 4 years, and is a natural first-baseman on the softball field.

She will be studying pre-med (Biology) at the University of Idaho then attending the WWAMI program to earn her degree in medicine.

Kassie, you are an amazing daughter and sister and we have no doubt you will make all your dreams come true. As you venture into this new chapter of life please remember 3 things- you are insanely loved, tuck and run, and always do better be better, eh. K, Bye - Mom and Dad





Julian Schreiber

Julian Martin August Schreiber

(parents Tanya Wojtowych and Alan Schreiber)

Julian moved to Genesee at the beginning of 8th grade from Pasco, Washington, where he attended a Spanish immersion program in a school bigger than this town. Consequently, he is bilingual and grateful for the lifelong friendships, opportunities and advantages of this small and generous community.

Julian loves all outdoor activities—especially gold mining, and competitive sports—especially running. He competed at the state level every year in track and medaled his junior year. Julian enjoyed BPA among other school activities and sorely misses the amazing equipment and opportunities in the shop every day during quarantine.

Julian is a tinkerer and creator. One of his inventions took hold last summer when a friend convinced him to produce and sell the Zurple, a contraption he invented to extract his beloved Jeep from a seemingly impossible mud sink. This prompted him to found, Incongruity, (see Incongruity has consumed most of his waking hours since its inception. Genesee teachers have helped him to apply a lot of what he has learned in school to this real life experience. He has tested, adjusted, mass produced and sold several of his land anchors to date and will spend several weeks this summer providing drone services to develop agricultural applications for an Israeli company. 

Julian will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona where he will pursue a degree in Global Security and Intelligence, with a focus on the Chinese language. 






Mikacia Bartosz

Mikacia Renee’ Bartosz

(Parents: Joe and Andrea Bartosz)

Mikacia has attended Genesee School since pre-school. She has always been a big fan of playing sports, outdoor activities, crafting, and walking around Costco.

Mikacia has played volleyball, basketball and softball. She has been the MVP for Softball all three years that she played. She has been apart of the BPA, FFA, and student council and is a member of the National Honor Society. Mikacia is the Distinguished Young Woman of Genesee for 2020.

Mikacia will be attending Lewis Clark State College in the fall. She will be majoring in biology and plans to become a physician’s assistant in dermatology.

Mikacia! We love you and are so proud of the young woman you have become! We are so excited to see you write your next chapter in life! Be brave, be strong, be YOU!


Mom and Dad






Regan Zenner


Regan McKenzie Zenner

(Parents - Harlan and Marnie Zenner)

Regan Zenner has attended school in Genesee since preschool. She participated in three sports, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball from elementary school all the way through her high school career. Regan has also enjoyed participating in BPA, Band, National Honor Society and was part of Idaho Drug Free Youth and Latah County Youth Advocacy Council.

Aside from her love of sports, Regan enjoys hanging out with family and friends, spending time outdoors, walking and hiking and traveling.


Regan will attend Boise State University in the fall and will major in Radiologic Science with the goal of becoming a Radiologic Technologist.


Regan we are so proud of you. Your big heart, hard work and determination make you the beautiful person you are and have helped you accomplish so much! Your future is beyond bright!

And thank you to this beautiful community for all the support and love shown to Regan throughout her journey. Genesee is truly a wonderful place to raise a kid!!








Claire Wareham

Claire Wareham

(Parents: Ken and Amy Wareham)

Claire has attended Genesee School since 8th grade. She loves playing basketball and running track. She also enjoys participating in choir, art, and drama.

Claire likes to go camping, fishing, and ride 4 wheelers. She especially loves a wild and crazy ride on the tube behind the boat. She enjoys animals and is hoping her future holds a job in that field. Claire is planning to attend LCSC in the fall.

Claire, we are so excited to see what your future holds. We have enjoyed being your parents and know you are capable of great things. We know this year holds many uncertainties and is not going quite as planned, but don’t let it hold you back. Keep working hard and never give up.

We love you! ~ Mom & Dad




Truman Renton

Truman William Renton

(Parents – Kyle and Shelly Renton

Truman has been a member of the Genesee class of 2020 since preschool. From a young age, he has enjoyed watching and playing basketball, talking (or interrogating/interviewing), art, history and spending time with his family.

Throughout high school, Truman participated in football, basketball, baseball and even a season of track! He also took part in various clubs and activities including BPA, NHS, and is the student body Vice President this year.

Truman plans to attend the University of Idaho in the fall, and although he hasn't completely decided on an exact major, he's pretty sure it will be in the marketing/business/finance field. He has a wide variety of interests including travel, economics, debate and current events, and plans to utilize all of these in his future endeavors.

Truman has one of the best laughs you'll ever hear and you can't help but laugh along with him when you hear it! He NEVER fails to entertain!

Truman-We are beyond proud of the man you are becoming, it has been so much fun watching you grow up and find your own interests and paths! You are sure of who you are and so kind to everyone! We are excited for your future and will be cheering you on every step! We love you!

~Mom and Dad



Jared Ketcheson


Jared Ryan Ketcheson

(Parents - Ryan and Melanie Ketcheson)

Jared has lived in Genesee since he was three years old. He has loved participating in football, basketball and track for Genesee, and has lettered in each. He had looked forward to playing baseball for Genesee this Spring. He has been serving as the student body chief of justice and has served on the FFA and BPA leadership councils.


Although Jared loves participating in sports, his greatest enjoyment has been his opportunities to participate in the music and drama programs at Genesee. He has been in many productions, and was honored to make the All-State choir three years in succession for his Tenor/Bass voice range. He also lettered in Music.


Jared plans to continue his education with BYU-Idaho.

We love you, Jared! We are grateful for all the good you have done and the challenges you have overcome. Always keep the peace of Christ in your heart.

All our love, Mom and Dad.




Tanner Gray

Tanner Louis Gray

Parents – Amber and Ryan Gray


Tanner began school in Genesee in the first grade. Tanner has always loved the outdoors – he loves to hunt, trap shoot, and fish. Anyone that knows Tanner knows of all those things, his passion is fishing. Tanner demonstrated that passion in his senior project by building a deck on his boat to make it better for bass fishing.


Throughout high school Tanner has contributed to many FFA projects in the Ag Shop, including several for the FFA Pitchfork Fondue fundraiser. Tanner has enjoyed working on the machines and welders and has made several fishing rods as well.


Tanner has been involved in shooting sports since the age of nine and is an accomplished trap shooter. He has won numerous awards for trap shooting. In 2017 Tanner made the Idaho State Trap Team and in 2020 he made the Camas Prairie Juniors All-Star Team.


Tanner has participated on the high school baseball team since his freshman year. During his junior year he found his niche when he became one of the starting pitchers on the team.


Tanner will be attending the University of Idaho this fall and plans to major in Marketing with an Entrepreneurship Certificate emphasis.


Tanner – we are beyond proud of the man you have become. We look forward to seeing all you achieve in your future accomplishments in life.

We love you. Mom and Dad






Molly Hanson


Molly Beth Hanson

(Parents: Jason and Melissa Hanson)

Molly has been a student in the Genesee School District since her very first day in preschool. She has loved being part of many sports programs (from her early days in Boys and Girls Club soccer and Saturday Basketball to her high school years spent in volleyball, basketball and track). Molly also loves music and has spent many years playing trombone in the school band and singing in the choir. Last summer, she became a Junior Volunteer at Gritman Medical Center.

Molly is planning to attend Whitworth University in Spokane next fall where she will pursue her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

Molly, we couldn’t be prouder of the amazing person you are. We will be sad when you spread your wings and fly away next fall but we know that you will be accomplishing great things.

We also want to offer our sincere gratitude to the Genesee community and the Genesee School staff for helping us raise this wonderful young woman.
Mom and Dad





Wyatt Stapleton


Wyatt Warren Stapleton
(Parents Scott and Michelle Stapleton)

Wyatt has attended Genesee School since kindergarten. He has always loved the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and dirt bikes.

He has always enjoyed baseball and throughout high school grew playing the game as a Bulldog with his friends and coaches.

Wyatt’s love of the outdoors will continue when he attends college in the fall to become a Game Warden.

Wyatt- We are so blessed to call you our son! You have become a wonderful young man and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

All our love and support, Mom and Dad



Kyra Scharnhorst

Kyra Lorraine Scharnhorst
(Parents Jacob and Courtney Scharnhorst)

Kyra began school in Genesee in 2nd grade. Growing up, she was an avid reader and enjoyed drawing and all types of art, which she continues today.

Throughout high school, she participated in volleyball, softball, and cheerleading. She also took part in several activities including BPA, student council, and yearbook.

She will be attending the University of Idaho this fall and will be majoring in marketing and minoring in art.

Kyra, we have loved watching you grow up and being part of all you have experienced and accomplished. We look forward to your future and seeing where life takes you. Enjoy this exciting time in your life! Love you! ~Mom & Dad!